The Fortune Hunters

“The Fortune Hunters” shows how big capital, big companies, and big players on the financial markets systematically know how to avoid paying taxes and to enrich themselves at the expense of society.

It all started when the Financial Action Network, via the ACV and LBC-NVK unions, got in touch with us: Could you make a campaign film which advocates an honest approach to taxes? With the motto “don’t let the big money get away”?

We were at a loss. Taxes are a theme that are important to everyone, but they are not exactly attractive! After a lot of hard work we found the right formula, inspired by the impressive research of tax auditor and journalist Marco Van Hees.

By now this film has been an online hit with over 180,000 views. It has also been selected for the Unions In Motion festival in Duisburg, Germany.



Production year: 2011

Length: 15min

Language: French / Dutch

Subtitles: French / Dutch